About us

We build bicycle frames. We create handmade, fairly priced bicycle frames one at a time and in runs of 5 pieces.  Currently we are working on a run of 5 of the Marco, our bike polo frame, and five in the style of Rustbelt 4, a track style street bike.

The Rustbelt Welding Company, Ltd.

Cleveland, Ohio

We also create furniture and fixtures out of metal, wood, glass, stone and cement. We use reclaimed, repurposed or recycled materials whenever possible.

To purchase a bicycle frame or commission work or to get a quote, leave a reply here or contact us at: rustbeltwelding@gmail.com


8 Responses to About us

  1. Louis J. Erste says:

    Awesome website and blog!!! I want that lamp from the show. Please remind me how much to send you for it. I’m old and can’t remember 😉

  2. Lisa says:

    Terrific idea!

  3. Sam Allgood says:

    hey im an 18 year old welder, metallurgist, and machinist in Salt Lake City, Utah, i absolutely love the project charlie, i have many ideas for fixed freestyle frame advancements that have been swimming around in my brain since i started doing tricks on my surly steamroller back in 2006/7
    if you need another stateside frame tester i am currently out of a bike (fuckn bike theifs should be castrated) and would love to see what we could do together.
    check out my vimeo feed
    and shoot me an email
    i would love to hear from you

  4. mike barry says:

    i was talking to charlie about the bike you built for him and i was wondering if you all would like to sponsor a 6’4″ kid from St.Petersburg florida because its hard to find duel 26 stuff for me. and i would put a edit together for you guys. it would help me progress in the sport and get your guys name out there so please let me know.

  5. David Wallis says:

    Hi guys,

    I just purchased a house in Ohio City and I’m in the process of making some adjustments to it. I would like to install a steel hand railing for the interior staircase.

    Would you guys be willing to stop by and offer suggestions and pricing?

    Thanks for your time.

    David Wallis

  6. Steve Slu says:

    Yo gang, I don’t live in Cleveland (from Pittsburgh) but I’m working in the Cleveland area for a month or so, and staying in the Ohio City area. Interested in what y’all are doing, where are you located and would it be cool to stop by and check the place out sometime.

    Not much experience with metalworking other then normal machine shop and light welding stuff in shop class, but I would like to get more into, thinking about doing some apprentice work at a couple places in Pittsburgh: Red Star ironworks http://www.redstarironworks.com/ and Thick Bikes is right across the street from me, http://www.thickbikes.com/

    Let me know if I can swing by some time.


  7. Chris Ramsay says:

    I live in Shaker Heights, and would love to see some cool bike racks for Heinen’s grocery store (and the rest of Shaker Heights’s commercial districts). Currently, they have a cheap piece of something-or-other that must have been purchased in the $5 bin at the Dollar Store.

    You guys have a catalog of pieces, or is everything custom? I’d like to be able to show the owners of the plazas what can be done, and about how much it might cost.


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